Health (Medical) Law

Attorney Modestas Sriubas have work experience with the State Medical Audit Inspectorate and the State Health Care Accreditation Service since 2006. Attorney specializing in Health (Medical) law. 


Attorney  for the patient or his representative provides advice on the rights of the patient and determining the damages and compensation, prepare legal documents on behalf of the patient for a medical institution, a statement - patient health damage caused by the determination of the commission, an action - the court, represents the legal interests of the patient in non-judicial procedures and in the court (civil, administrative and criminal cases).


Attorney  for doctors and other health care professional provides professional advice on the individual health care professionals licensing issues, prepare legal documents on behalf of a specialist, represents for patients or their representatives of the complaints of redress and compensation, represents professionals legal interests of all institutions, investigations and criminal proceedings (Article 229 of the CC „Official duties“ and etc.).


Attorney  for health care institution provides advice and prepares documents concerning the health care license, prepare legal documents and represent the interests of all institutions, bodies and agencies (the prosecutor's office, the Chief Administrative disputes Commission, the courts, etc.).


Advocate for persons applying for the determination of the level of capacity draft complaints on Disability and Working Capacity Assessment Office of Territorial Division, Disability and Work Capacity Assessment Office Director decisions, preparing appeals against the decision of the Dispute, represents the interests of the applicant in the administrative courts.



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